The invitation to the marriage of the Lamb should be shared as much as possible and this work is in a hurry. It is a matter of the work of the gospel, and it is the work of all of us. If you feel that you could participate in sharing the invitation, we have put together all the materials on this page. You can choose to share a digital invitation, for example, via whatsup or e-mail. You can also download the print material for yourself and print as much paper as you want, either at home or at the printing house. We grant free access to all material here. If you can’t find something you want here, you can contact us and let’s see what we can do about it.

Invitation card (paper)

Invitation card (paper), you can download it here.

  • You can download the printable material here and print cards that you can give to people. The material is suitable to be sent straight to printing companies who can print a higher amount of cards.
  • The recommended type of paper: 250 g MultiArt Silk, size 80×115 mm.
  • A paper card is a great way to start a conversation with those not familiar with Christianity.

Invitation card (digital)

You can share this invitation card (digital), for example, on WhatsApp or through email. Download here.

  • You can download the digital invitation card on your phone or laptop and share it with others.
  • The card also works as a link to the website.




  1. Download the card using the link
  2. Press the ”share” button
  3. Choose WhatsApp (if you want to use WhatsApp)
  4. Choose the recipients
  5. Send



  • You can either print these posters or have a printing company do it for you, and then you can attach them in places of your choice.

Logo material

Logo material, download here

  • Logo materials freely available for anyone who wants to use them (NB! Use the logos according to the graphic instructions)

Word document template

Word document template, download here

  • Word document template freely available for anyone who wants to use You can use it, for example, when planning events.

PowerPoint Template

PowerPoint template, download here

  • PowerPoint template freely available for anyone who wants to use If you want to present to others your thoughts or plans, for example, related to the wedding of the lamb.


Rollup template, download here

  • Rollup to be used for example as background in events.

Brand guide lines

Brand guidelines, download here

How to share?

How to share brochure?, download here

Becoming a country manager

Be a country manager brochure?, download here